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Anonymous said:
is it wrong for me to like someone because of the attention and love they gave me as opposed to the actual person themselves?

I’m kind of confused, is the person an asshole? Then get away asap, sure attention is great but are they making you a better person?? Don’t get blinded by attention #ihopethisisacorrectresponse lol

spaceshipsandpurpledrank said:
Praying everyday you achieve booty goal. Out here sacrificing weaker booties to enhance yours.

thank you, thank you for the prayers, for the sacrifice #doyouhearusbootygods

Anonymous said:
I wouldn't mind cause I get to see that big ol booty of yours

It ain’t that amazing yet

onamodern said:
What's the next edm event you're trying to go to?

Honestly I have no idea, maybeeee EDC, maybeeeeeeee #edcorcoachella #hmm

davejanes said:
it doesnt matter how you feel, or what your goals are, or what others feel about you. what matters is that nicki minaj believes in you and you can NOT fail her because that is an unforgivable sin


itsalexr said:
Im still new to Cali I've been here for a month, where are some places I should go??

The bay, anywhere in southern California, don’t come to where i live unless you like wine, tri tip and strawberries #doyouguyslikestrawberries #onbehalfofmytown #yourewelcome

jb-santos said:
Do you think it's wrong for a boyfriend to get upset from his girlfriend for sleeping in the same bed with a guy that's her childhood friend?

no i don’t think it’s wrong, i think that’s a very normal reaction, because, perspective, i don’t know all the details about this, but what boyfriend wouldn’t feel uncomfortable with his lady sleepin in the same place with another dude, same for girl’s if their boy was sleepin in the same place with another girl, i can elaborate more but I feel like I’d write an essay lol, all I’m just saying is perspective

slysquadq said:
I got more saves than a gameboy

smooth save #2

darrenjaeger said:
would you rather regret doing something, or not doing it?

what if i regret something i intended to do but didn’t do, i think a lot of people think about this. most cases of mine, i regret a lot of things i never did, things i never said, when i should have taken the chance. so why not take the chance??? ya live and ya learn right??? #yolo

Anonymous said:
You can do it ❤️

Thanks!!! I been thinking of blogging #bootyjournals to motivate me more and track progress, I hope it doesn’t irritate anyone hahaha

slysquadq said:
my bad, I thought we were going over the letter of the day.

smooth save my friend

Anonymous said:
How's your butt going

omg I actually haven’t worked out my booty or legs in a lil bit and I really need to get back into it!!! 😫😫😫 ima get that ass no matter what tho

slysquadq said:
here's some D

stop right there

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